How can I share (or download) wishes?

By clicking the "Share" button after each wishes generation you can share wishes directly on you favourite app or communicator.

By clicking the "Download" button after each wishes generation you can download wishes to your device.

For privacy reasons, we do not store generated wishes - remember to SHARE OR DOWNLOAD THEM IMMEDIATELY after each generation, as you will not be able to do it later again.

How much time do I have to generate my wishes after purchase?

You have a year from the purchase date, after this time your unused wishes generations will expire (expiration date is visible in the "Account" tab).

What are the limitations of AI? (Why I'm getting some weird results?)

Wishes AI uses AI technology (from OpenAI and Stability AI) that is still in the experimental phase and therefore has some limitations that you should be aware of.

Generated wishes and/or drawings may not always meet your expectations - they may be inaccurate or strange.

In particular, you should take into account that:

  • images may contain distorted elements, especially human faces, hands, etc.,
  • texts on the pictures, if they occur, may be unreadable (distorted).

For this reason, when generating wishes, you have a choice of several images and texts - so that you can choose the best ones. But you should know that this still does not always guarantee perfect results.

Such limitations resulting from the imperfection of current AI technology will not be accepted as a reason for a refund.

In case of any other (than those mentioned above) improper functionality or concerns about application behavior - please report them by sending an e-mail to: contact@wishesai.com

How not to use Wishes AI?

The information you enter to generate wishes (name, interest, occasion) cannot contain words or phrases that could result in AI generating content that is inconsistent with OpenAI's Content Policy.

This means you should avoid inputs that may be, for example, offensive or include the names of public figures.

Such attempts will result in an error when generating wishes.

Remember: Wishes AI was created to generate positive emotions only :)